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Friday 20th November 2020,

The Park in Albert Park

Speakers, Forum and Music


Male Suicide Awareness Gala 

I'm Just A Man 4, Friday 20nd November 20/11/20

Male_Suicide_Australia_IJAM im_just_a_man23

Black Ties Events Melbourne 2018

6 Males Suicide Every Day

I'm Just A Man 2, Weds 21/11/18

We Are Here To Raise Awareness of The Alarming

Male Suicide Rates

in Australia & The Globe


Every 4 Hours in Australia A Male Suicides


Do we need more proof of how fragile human life is

with our intense psychological vulnerabilities?

Honour The Thousands

To Millions of Males

Who Have Suicided in Australia & Globally over the past decade.


We remember the 2000+ Males that pass away each year.


This is someones

Father, Brother, Uncle,

Son, Mate, Colleague


As males we sometimes have a deep difficulty,

in communicating this vulnerability to others...

Creating a safe, fun & expressive space. Lets Aim For Zero Male Suicide & Greater Compassion


Inspire the 10 CoMan-Ments Of Music with

Permission and Appreciation to Love, Respect,

Self Accept & of Failure (With Coping Mechanisms),

Connecting to Purpose & Meaning, Hope,

Significance, Pride & Greater Forgiveness


Male Suicide Awareness

is part of the I'm Just A Man & GrungeX Vision, 2017 - 2018


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